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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Charles Antlas™ Think Big Collection

Whether you've got a thing for cute cartoon insects or you're a fun-loving entomologist, now there's
a studly, powerlifting, tri-segmented, micro-hero with a size zero waist, whose feisty, courageous attitude will totally lift your spirits.  

He's Charles Antlas™ -- "Chuck" if you know him well -- a lovable, inspirational little arthropod who just happens to have the strength to hoist 10-50x his body weight...And that's no baloney.

Flex your personal power and take a stand against sand-kickers everywhere by ordering your very own customizable and ready to be personalized, smile-generating, playful and humorous Charles Antlas™~ Think Big gifts and merchandise -- perfect for home, office, gym or stickin' it to bullies at the beach.  Click on any individual items below to view the collection, or visit the Charles Antlas  category at our Artful Animalz online store.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Lots of fishes in the "C" baby gear collection

For birthdays, baby showers or grandparents who just can't help themselves, we offer our bright and cheery, cute and sweet, multicolored goldfish, smile-generating Lots of Fishes in the "C" baby, toddler & kids collection. To view more, click on any individual image below, or visit us at Artful Animalz.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Nautical & Maritime Icon Themed Neckties Collection

From Cape Cod to Key West to Newport, from the beach house to the boardroom, if live near the ocean, or, just love the seashore, no matter where you live, our sailing, nautical and maritime icon inspired neckties are the perfect fashion accessory for your year round wardrobe.  Our colorful collection includes prime offerings from our Ocean Glow, Yachtees™, Luffers, Andy Whale Hole™ and Color Block categories at FUNauticals and Artful_Animalz.  Click on any one design to view the fuller collection.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Hanukkah ~ Menorah Dogs

It's a stellar way to wish someone a Happy Hanukkah. Our Menorah Dogs design collection features eight candle pups and a big dog "shamus" all in the shape of a menorah, sitting in front of a window, wishing on a Star of David. Our hopeful Hanukkah hounds will put a glowing smile on the face of any lucky recipient, from day 1 - 8.  Click on any one design to view a fuller collection in our gallery at Artful_Animalz

Monday, August 24, 2015

I Love Moosey Baby Gear Collection

Humorous, whimsical, cartoon-style, funny faced Manny The Moose Head animal character combined with a touch of verbal parody & nostalgia. Adorable, sweet and charming gift set for newborns, baby showers and birthday parties ages 1-4. Click any one design to visit and view the core collection at our Artful Animalz gallery.

I Love Moosey Baby Gear
I Love Moosey Baby Gear
by Artful_Animalz

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Funny Moose & Badger Trailer Hitch Covers

Showoff your whimsical personality while you entertain and amuse the cars and drivers behind you with these humorous, cartoon-style, animal-themed trailer hitch covers from your furry friends at Artful Animalz.

Moose Head_Watch for falling Moose! Trailer Hitch Cover Moose Head_Oh Dear!_in headlights_v.2 Hitch Cover
Badgering Badger_Get off my tail! Trailer Hitch Covers Badgering Badger_You tryin' to badger me? Tow Hitch Cover

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Classic, Charming and Whimsical Holiday Themed Gift Wrapping Paper

Presenting some friends for your ribbons and bows.  To enhance your gift giving presentations this season, we're pleased to introduce a variety of new custom design wraps from our POD galleries -- Artful Animalz and UCanSayThatAgain.  Peace. Goodwill. Joy.

Starry Starry Glowing Snowflake-y Night

Classic Holiday_Glowing Snowflakes_Starry Night Gift Wrap Paper  

Tis The Season to Paws & Reflect

Happy Holidays_Dog Bone Stars_Wishes Come True_3 Wrapping Paper Happy Holidays_Dog Bone Stars_Wishes Come True_4 Gift Wrap Paper

Hanukkah Hounds
WTW_Menorah Dogs_Happy Hanukkah_Star of David Gift Wrap  

Whimsical & Charming

Christmas + New Year's -- double the fun

  Merry Kissmoose_Happy Gnu Year pattern_green Gift Wrap Paper Merry Kissmoose_Happy Gnu Year pattern_blue Gift Wrapping Paper  

Merry Kissmoose_Happy Gnu Year pattern_yellow Wrapping Paper   Merry Kissmoose_Happy Gnu Year pattern_pink Gift Wrap  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Bug someone you love with our sweet, fun & adorable Wing-Nutz™ collection -- irresistible gifts, housewares and apparel ready to be customized by you!

If you're nutty for ridiculously cute little gossamer-winged-things, our Wing-Nutz™ collection will definitely make your heart flutter. Four high-flying, grub-loving, best friends -- aerial insect pals -- we like to call "Fluttering Buddies."  Collect your individual favorites — Dotty, The Lady Bug ...Buzz, The Bumble Bee... Beatrice, The Butterfly...and, Skeeter, The Dragonfly, or, treat someone you love to delightful gifts and products featuring our whole fun-loving gang.

There are so many ways you can Wing-it!

1. Put together a nifty little birthday party invitation set -- postage stamps, stickers, invites, envelopes.

Wing-Nutz™_Bumble Bee (Buzz)_ sweet & fun Wing-Nutz™_Bumble Bee (Buzz)_ custom Birthday Postage Stamp Wing-Nutz™_Bumble Bee (Buzz)_Birthday Party Round Sticker Wing-Nutz™_Bumble Bee_ sweet & fun_B There! Invitation

2. Mix and match our ceramic tiles to create your own custom pattern, perfect for a young child's 
bathroom or even a country kitchen.

3. Cheer someone up and put a lasting smile on their face with one of our adorably sweet, heartfelt greeting cards.  

4. Decorate and spruce up any room in the house with our repeating pattern or individual character 
throw or lumbar style pillows.

5. Bump up the fun factor for your little ones at mealtime when you set the table with a totally 
Wing-Nutz theme -- apron/bibs, bowls, placemats, plates, napkins, even matching pacifiers.

6. Use the big, bright, cheerful wall decals to brighten up a nursery, playroom or doctor's/dentist's 
office waiting room

And, if you like what you see, thanks for keeping the good buzz going…and don't hesitate to spread the news...

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